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list of latest changes

    • Vertical scrolling in specific views added to facilitate the processing of results
    • Ability to assign a category tag to the results of a current page or to all the results pages (Time saving)
    • New SEA section added  in Shine area to have more information related to SEA conversions.
      (Top 20 best performing keywords, conversions by ad group / campaign / account)
    • Possibility to assign category present in the category filter menu to the results lists
    • Possibility when creating and/or editing a project to add the language used on its website in order to detect and improve the quality of the SEO / SEA mismatch filter.
    • When resetting a password, displaying of a confirmation that the change has taken place
    • Add a password confirmation field during the registration of a new user
    • In the content strategy part, the keywords between ” ” or ( ) are not detected. A correction has been made.
    • In the sent invitations, add the email address below the first and last name to have more details on invited peoples.
    • In the definition of my strategy, possibility to delete all active tables with a link “Remove all lists”