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list of latest changes

    • Possibility to filter each column in the views: My Goal / Out of Scope / My Reality

    • Ability to export lists of filtered results for quick processing

    • Added SEA Manager module on the main application screen to generate custom SEA opportunity lists

    • When creating a project, the URL field is now optional and a semantic glossary can be created without having a website

    • Greatly improved category / sub-category management and assignment

    • Added charts showing the evolution of categories and sub-categories in number of keywords and in search volume

    • Improved email layouts (activation, forgot password, invitation) and multilingual email management

    • Easy management of emails from the backoffice

    • Add-on: Ability to add more projects, more keywords followed in Google and daily API quota

    • Possibility to add a custom logo for each project 

    • Correction of minor bugs detected in production in the content strategy part

    • Optimisation of data collection related to the competition 

    • Improvement in the management of keyword distribution sources from the backoffice (multi-account management)

    • Optimization of the way queries are formulated for: My Goal / Out of Scope / My Reality (DB change)

    • Resolved service restart issues (Infrastructure)

    • Improved property transfers (Infrastructure)

    • Redesign of the content optimization page (Google Wizard)